1. “The company” herein will be HCD Cleaning Ltd.  it’s officials or it’s successors.
  2. “The client” herein will be the person or persons or their representative.
  3. “Goods” shall mean the consumable items.
  4. The contract as se t out herein shall be in force for a minimum of three months.
  5. The charges for these works shall be invoiced in 13 equal amounts of the yearly sum.
  6. All goods required for the on - going maintenance of hygiene services outside the scope of the clea ning specification shall be purchased from the company.
  7. Invoices are sent out on the last day of the 4 weekly period in the case of cleaning services. Supply of goods is invoiced the day following delivery to the client.
  8. All Invoices must be set tled in full within 7 calendar days of issue unless alternative terms are agreed in writing.
  9. Goods do not become the property of the client until paid for in full.
  10. Hours for cleaning are estimated due to different production rates of operatives and therefore once the tasks on the specification have been achieved we reserve the right to allow operatives to finish work. This in no way shall jeopardise the charge due to the client. 10 a . No credit shall be given for closing on public holidays.
  11. The company will carry out all works according to the written specification provided by the company. The specification sha ll stipulate the areas covered by this contract. Any additional works requested are liable to further charges at the discretion of the company.
  12. The company shall ensure that Public Liability cover of at least £ 1 ,000,000.00 is in effect at all times covering all aspects of the company’s operations.
  13. The company shall inform its staff that stop and search procedures are in fo rce and that they shall be subject to them.
  14. The company shall ensure that adequate supervision is provided for its staff and that the general conduct is in keeping w ith the client’s own procedures.
  15. All correspondence from the company referring to this contract shall be deemed to form part of any agreement, contract or undertaking by the company.
  16. The company reserves the right to suspend services or supply of goods should the client fail to keep to the terms of con dition & payment. This in no way shall jeopardise the company’s contract or agreement with the client and shall not incur liability of any kind.
  17. The client shall make arrangements for the entry/exit of the company’s staff.
  18. All materials and equipment on the client’s pre mises belonging to the company shall be insured by the client against damage and theft. Any materials used by the client’s staff shall be charged to the client at the discretion of the company.
  19. The client should provide lockable storage for the clean ing operatives, equipment and stock materials, where applicable.
  20. On termination of contract the client shall provide reasonable access to the company’s representative to remove all equipment etc. from the client’s premises.
  21. Agree not to solicit or otherwise seek to induce or utilize, by way of private arrangement, the services of our cleaner or any other employee/contractor of “the company”