Maintaining a hygienically clean working environment for staff and visitors is now becoming more and more important to companies everywhere.  As the purse strings continue to tighten it makes good sense to ensure that the money spent on wages isn’t poured down the drain because of staff sick days.

The individual monitored cleaning schedule that we will put together for you provides you peace of mind knowing that all areas of your work place are cleaned to the highest NHS standards, every time. Our inspectors monitor the work of our expert cleaning team who are given incentive driven bonus schemes meaning that you can rest easy.

We can also sanitise computer keyboard and telephone equipment, we believe that this is an essential part of office maintenance.

Any surface or equipment that comes into prolonged contact with a persons hands or in close proximity to there mouth and breath are more susceptible to harbouring the bugs and germs that spread illness and disease.  Therefore sanitising these areas drastically reduces the number of staff absences.